15/5/17 (New 9 week block)

Back squat

9-7-5 (increasing in weight)

For time:

  • 50 overhead lunges (20/15)
  • 40 bar over burpees
  • 30 toes to bar
  • 20 burpee pull ups


So today is the start of a new 9 week cycle. We are going to switch it slightly this time, in the last program the format of the workout changed every 6 days, the idea behind this was so that if people could not attend a certain day of the week they would get a chance to give everything a go. The problem i found with this was that with each week being progressive sessions where being missed due to the days changing which was detrimental to the overall progress of a certain element. The following is the the 5 day structure we will be following over the next 9 weeks:

  • Monday – Squats
  • Tuesday – Gymnastics (strict)
  • Wednesday – Deadlifts
  • Thursdays – Gymnastics/Functional bodybuilding
  • Fridays – Olympic weightlifting


Each day will have a conditioning element to supplement the overall aim of the session, We will still be doing paired/team workouts in the week and the metcons will constantly vary. Remember as well as the Crossfit classes we have Matts foundation competitors class on Tuesday at 7pm for anyone who is wanting to improve their technique in any of the fundamental exercises in Crossfit. There is the competitors class on a Thursday at 7:15pm which is open to anyone who is wanting to take a more competitive approach to their trainin . We also have a new Strength and conditioning class on a Tuesday night at 8pm run by Kirsten. This class will be hugely beneficial to anyone who comes down the box regardless of your ability. 


I hope you guys are looking forward to getting in tonight and the rest of the week.